Connecting What Matters

CherryRoad Media Vision

CherryRoad Media is committed to reporting on local news with resident journalists in the communities that we serve.  Our mission is to capitalize on our roots as a technology company to provide innovative media and technology services to our local communities while simultaneously improving the digital experience and engagement of our subscribers. 

Who We Are

Our story began in 1983 when the Gulban family started the technology company originally known as DataStudy Inc in New Jersey. A key tenet of DataStudys growth strategy was listening to clients. As customers asked us to create new solutions, capacity, and offerings to support their organizations; we developed strategies to help them succeed.  After 20 years of success, we changed our name to CherryRoad Technologies, but our core values and leadership remained unchanged.  

Since its founding, CherryRoad Technologies has grown into a highly reputable organization serving thousands of customers across the country.  Our high level of customer service and excellence in creating effective business solutions has translated into years of ongoing success. 

In 2020, with the decline in local news investment, CherryRoad’s CEO, Jeremy Gulban, decided to chase his passion for journalism and communication and entered the media world via the inception of CherryRoad Media.  Through a series of acquisitions and newspaper start-up projects, he has quickly grown the company into a reputable, thriving institution.  His enthusiasm for the news industry continues to evolve and his commitment to helping local communities throughout the country has only been strengthened by the relationships he has developed.

At the forefront, CherryRoad Media’s priority is to impact our local markets in innovative and strategic ways.

Building Community Engagement Through the Power of News and Technology

CherryRoad Media’s priority is to keep local, local.  We strive to serve the communities we operate in by engaging in the coverage of important local and regional stories and events. By leveraging our technology expertise, we are able to deliver effective technical and media solutions to our customers and local organizations.  

Our strength lies in our partnerships with area businesses, governments and subscribers. Our goal is to bring secure, easily accessible, and affordable digital innovations to the communities where we work, live, and play.  

Our Core Values “Our Yardstick to Operate”


We act ethically and hold ourselves accountable to those we serve.


We are not afraid to face obstacles as we set and meet challenging goals on our journey. We are wholly committed to excellent outcomes.


We strive to be a leading media institution and care deeply about what we do. We are committed to making a difference in our communities.


We encourage hard work, goals and positive growth.

We see the success of our employees, constituents, and customers as an extension of our collective achievements.